Remote work made comfortable.

Fleex provides and manages all the equipment your remote team needs to do their best work.

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Their teams and many more are using Fleex - and loving it

Set your rules in a few clicks and let Fleex do the rest

Furniture, High tech, computers

We curate a selection of best-in-class furniture and hardware to work from


Our team takes care of delivery, maintenance, pick-up, tracking and support. So you don’t have to.


We ensure the wellbeing of your employees with safety-compliant equipment and access to our ergonomic experts.

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Give employees the setup they deserve

Let your team pick the equipment options that suit them best and increase productivity by +15%.

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Make more time
for what matters

Save over 700 hours a year* on logistics, on & offboarding (across Europe), support and so much more.

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Attract and retain
great talent

Fleex is the new perk your employees will rave about. Take employee experience to the next level & boost talent retention by +10%.

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Control your expenses and optimize your spending

Your cash flow forecast made easy with our monthly all-inclusive subscription.
Save over 120h a year* on accounting time alone.

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Take great care of your remote team

Say goodbye to work-related injuries
& reduce the risk of sick leave by 31%.
How? Start by consulting our physiotherapists.

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*for 500 employees

Fleex is working towards a better future

9.2Mt of wood are wasted every year**

**According to US.EPA

100% of our equipment gets a second life

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“Fleex offers a true wow effect while onboarding employees!”

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Arthur Bequin
Chief Financial Officer

“The platform responds to a fundamental need: the wellness of employees wherever they work.”

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Pierre Mottais
Culture Manager

“Fleex was a huge success! Employees were very happy to receive material they could autonomously choose.”

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Marie Charuit
People Experience Partner

Sit back and relax, we will soon install your team.

Book a call with our team to get a quote and a personalized ROI estimation.

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