How AssessFirst onboards it new joiners with Fleex

Key success metrics


Take back control over the spending.

Quality and safety:

Equip all employees with quality and safe equipment suited for work.


Guarantee the comfort of the teams wherever they work from.

Key success metrics

40/80 (50%)

Chair, desk, lamps and high-tech.

1 (France)

Our talk with:

Arthur Bequin
Chief Financial Officer

Did you offer remote work before the Covid-19 crisis?

Absolutely. It was authorized. We even had a full remote coworker in Marseille.

How did the transition go to the all-remote in 2020?

Well, it was forced at first, but we soon decided to stay fully remote and leave our Sentier offices behind. We offered our employees to work from wherever they wanted, in France or abroad, while maintaining their wages.

Scaling is paramount: we are now 70 coworkers and growing fast, aiming to be 250 by 2025.

Why did you choose to devote a specific budget to remote work?

It was important that people didn't feel cheated after loosing our greatly appreciated offices.

Of course, we wanted to ensure the best possible conditions of work for each and erase the inequities that can develop in respect of where you live. No one was to find themselves working on an ill-suited kitchen chair.

Fleex was just the thing we were dreaming of!

Why did you choose Fleex and not its alternatives?

We wanted an all-inclusive solution that would take on anything related to remote work equipment for every single coworker and avoid wasting time handling individual requests or tracking expense reports.

Fleex was just the thing we were dreaming of! It also helped us deal with our computer fleet which was starting to become a nightmare.

How did you deploy the solution?

60 employees had initially benefited from an allowance for remote work. So we decided to offer Fleex to all our new joiners during their onboarding. This surprise perk was very well received! What a way to start your adventure at AssessFirst!

Plus, it is obviously so helpful to scale our teams painlessly.

How did your coworkers react to Fleex' implementation?

They are very happy! They pick and choose what they each need and get delivered in no time. Fleex offers a true wow effect while onboarding employees!

As for the rest? Let Fleex take care of it!

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