How Back Market boosted its employee engagement and productivity

Key success metrics

Great places to work:

Creating an enjoyable environment wherever people work from.

All equal:

Offering an equitable solution: all employees must be equal in their conditions of work.

The right choices:

Offering a catalog answering to all body types and kinds of places.

Key success metrics

250/550 (45,5%)

Chair, desk, lamp, high tech, Easter gift box

3 (France, Germany, Spain)

Our talk with:

Pierre Mottais
Culture Manager

Did you offer remote work before the Covid-19 crisis?

Yes, totally! Remote work has always been a part of Back Market's culture - whenever employees want to work remotely, they're free to do so. Before the first lockdown in France (March 2020, Ed.) a dozen of us we working from Lyon, Nantes, Normandie...

How did the transition go to the all-remote in 2020?

The hardest part was not being able to physically engage with one another like we used to. We had to shift to an e-culture, which was new.

Regarding high tech equipment, well, it's never been a problem (laughs).

Why did you choose to devote a specific budget to remote work?

We've always focused on Employee wellness at the office. With remote, we lost control of this employee care that is so dear to us. Everybody was home, with furniture or workspace not suited for work.

I wanted to find an equitable solution so that each and everyone of us could work in proper and pleasant conditions, whether from Bordeaux or Paris, with family or alone...

We felt we could entrust them with our coworkers wellbeing at work

Why did you choose Fleex?

We always select our providers with care:

  • We needed an adaptable partner, capable of handling each request.
  • We shared a similar vision about the evolution of remote work with Noemie and William, Fleex cofounders.
  • We felt we could entrust them with our coworkers wellbeing at work. And we were right to do so.

What was your goal when you started working with Fleex?

We could have generalized offering vouchers to all Back Market employees so that they could get their own equipment autonomously. But, that meant they had to handle logistics, selecting proper equipment, assembly... And, it was not an equitable solution.

I wanted a provider that would handle things from A to Z, focusing on offering our employees the best experience and equipment.

We fixed a maximum amount to use on Fleex for everybody and then let them evaluate what was best for their own situation, without worrying about the cost.

What's your assessment now? How did your coworkers react to Fleex' implementation?

Today, about 250 of us are equipped via Fleex, which is quite impressive to be honest.

We worked really well together and we love the support team's dedication!

Our coworkers are delighted because Fleex answers an actual need in their remote day to day: being at ease. It had a very positive impact solidifying all our major initiatives to help our employees adapt to these new ways of working.

As for the rest? Let Fleex take care of it!

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