How Swile created optimal conditions of work for its remote workers

Key success metrics

Conditions of work:

Guarantee optimal and safe conditions of work from home.

Care culture:

Helping us care as much for our remote coworkers' wellbeing.

Key success metrics

222/300 (74%)

Chairs and high tech.

1 (France)

Our talk with:

Marie Charuit
People Experience Partner

Did you offer remote work before the Covid-19 crisis?

Yes, but it was very diverse for most our employees. A fourth of us (some Sales and Devs) were already full remote.

It's important to us that our coworkers spend time together in the office because we are convinced it is necessary to cultivate our company culture.

How did the transition go to the all-remote in 2020?

Like for most companies, it was sudden and new.

But we had two main assets: First we were already using adequate communications tools, such as Slack, which was essential to ease the transition. Second, our caring culture helped us properly onboard our new joiners.

Why did you choose to devote a specific budget to remote work?

Well, at first we wanted to provide our coworkers who were already remote with a specific allowance.

Our goal was to guarantee optimal and ergonomic conditions of work from their own home. That's why we initially contacted Fleex.

It actually worked so well that we decided to generalize Fleex to all our coworkers

And then what happened? How did your coworkers react to Fleex' implementation?

It was a huge success! They were so happy to receive equipment the could actually autonomously choose and that would improve their day to day.

It actually worked so well that, after a few months, we decided to generalize Fleex to all our coworkers.

What's your assessment of its impact?

Well, we do regular 'pulse' surveys and gather feedback from our employees, in particular during onboardings and offboardings. They all are very positive about having access to such a service as Fleex that shows how much Swile actually cares about their wellbeing.

Fleex has truly made real positive impact on their quality of remote work-life!

As for the rest? Let Fleex take care of it!

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