Together, we can build the future of sustainable offices

At Fleex, we strive for a sustainable workplace with an equipment solution that is respectful of the environment. Join us! A great adventure awaits you.


tons of waste has been produced by the furniture market in the EU and in the US since you opened this page.

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Let's rethink the office entirely

Be an agent of change and work towards a world where furniture is no longer wasted.

Fleex pledges to offer quality equipment selected for its durability. When one of your employees leaves, we recondition their equipment to put it back in circulation, good as new.

Environmental Footprint
Environmental Footprint

Be an agent of change in a  less polluted world.

Remote work lowers by 69% the commutes says ADEME, thus reducing by 5% carbon dioxide emissions. Working from anywhere has never been so easy thanks to Fleex.

Be an agent of change in a world where your employees are fulfilled

92%* of workers feel more productive when remote working and 52% say they feel happier since they’ve been remote working**.

*   According to a Fleex Survey with 1 000+ employees.
** According to a Globalisation Partners survey.

Environmental Footprint

As for the rest? Let Fleex take care of it!

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