What if I already have a lot of equipment distributed to my employees ?
Who deals with the employees requests (maintenance, catalogue offers, points systems…) .
Do I need to validate every order ?
How does Fleex work ?


Can my employee buy back their Fleex items ?
What if there are products I don't want my employees to order ?
Are all your products new ?
Can my employees change their equipments ?
Who does the equipment belong to ?
How does Fleex ensure that the products provided to employees are safe and comfortable ?


What procedure must my employee follow when moving out ?
What happens if an employee leaves the company ?
How fast are your delivery times ?
Can my employees order in multiple installments ?
Where do you deliver ?


What happens if there is no orders at the beginning of the commitment period ?
How will I be billed each month ?
What happens at the end of the commitment ?
Is there a commitment period ?
What are the different plans ?