The office isn't dead yet. Brace yourself for Fleex.

Fleex is the future office

The democratization of remote work has transformed the office as we know it. For remote workers, the office is at home. For hybrid workers, the office is both at home and at the company's office space. For digital nomads, the office is all across the world.
The office isn't the central element where employees gravitate around anymore. Now, the office is hybrid, and therefore the needs of employees have now become multiple.

Before remote work, all of the employees' needs were managed in the HQ and from the HQ. Computers, chairs, desks, snacks, coffee were picked for the employees in accordance with the office space and delivered to the office. Orders were in bulk. Mostly homogenous. Everyone would pretty much get the same thing. Now, employees are split across different geographies. Their needs are no longer global, they're individual, making the job of office managers much more difficult. They used to manage the office and employees in their globality, now they have to take into account each workers' individuality and local needs.

Making Hybrid and remote work a success

Our mission is to become your future office. We want to help employees work in the best conditions in this new reality. First, by providing employees with all the physical equipment and technology they need to work from anywhere in the best conditions. And second, by fulfilling employees' every need - wherever they may be.

We believe that as a result of the pandemic, companies who will go back to unflexible modes of working will loose out on the best talent. Employees have had a taste of freedom, flexibility and independence. And they won't ever go back. The new reality of work is flexible and diverse. And Fleex empowers any company going forward, whether they're hybrid or fully remote.

Noémie El-Baz
William Genis

Reinventing the office ecologically

We have the power to craft the office of the future. So why not take this opportunity to make it so that it's responsible, respectful of our environment and sustainable?

At Fleex, we're committed, with all of our suppliers and distributors, to creating a responsible office. We're picking them according to specific ecoresponsible criteria (CO2 transport reduction, recycable material, sustainable products...). And most importantly, we are committed to giving a second life to all the products that come back to us through our refurbishment program.

Our aim, above all, is to provide products that are long-lasting to minimize waste. Zero waste is what we stand for.

What drives us

  • Quality of materials: ergonomic, sustainable, responsible
  • Stylish designs: to fit anyone's interior and maximize everyone's wellbeing
  • Support: oustanding customer support to create an unforgettable experience. We want everyone to feel like they're truly cared for.

9.2Mt of wood are wasted every year**

That's why we consciously curate all our products to reduce our environmental footprint, and yours.

100% of our equipment gets a second life

We recondition all of our products every time they get returned to us.

As for the rest? Let Fleex take care of it!

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