Attract and retain great talent by providing the setup they deserve

HR & People Ops

Are you a Head of People?

3 reasons to use Fleex


Improve your retention thanks to great working conditions*.


Equip all your remote workers in a fair and equitable way.


Increase your employees' productivity*

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Strengthen your brand by showing you care: you are not simply offering a desk-chair, but a flawless experience.

Arm yourself with a hassle-free and competitive solution to significantly improve your employees' working conditions from anywhere.
Make sure the experience you offer is unmatched and increase your retention by +10%.

HR & People Ops

Recruiting is tough. Make it easier for yourself and expand your talent pool.

With Fleex, you can guarantee great working conditions everywhere.

Great talent rarely lacks offers. Make yours stand out by anticipating their needs.

Your next best interviewee will probably ask to work remotely: with Fleex, show you are a step ahead of them.

Our support team is proud to be rated 4.9/5 on the Fleex platform by our satisfied users.

HR & People Ops
HR & People Ops

Take care of each and every one of your employees with Fleex as your partner.

Our experts hand-select and review all of the items in our catalogue to guarantee your employees' safety and comfort.
Each employee can fully adjust their equipment for ergonomic optimality thanks to dedicated articles.

Forget about remote work related injuries and enjoy a 31% drop in sick days.

Our expert support team helps choose the best products for you. We also offer free access to a physiotherapist.
It takes effort to change bad habits, that's why we send a monthly newsletter with tips on how to achieve the best posture.

HR & People Ops
HR & People Ops

As for the rest? Let Fleex take care of it!

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